The Toraja

July 2015-Sulawesi

Untitled15The Tana Toraja, also known as ‘The Land of the heavenly kings” is the mountain area situated about 300 km north of Makassar in the island of Sulawesy, Indonesia.
The land of the Toraja people is famous for its spectacular burial rites. Althought the Toraja are Christian, they still mantain their animist beliefs. For them, life revolves around death, due to the fact that they see death as a great celebration of lile.
When a person dies, the body is kept until the money for the funeral has been raised, and sometimes this can take years. The funeral takes the form of a festival, with food, dances and bufaloe fights. It can take up to a week. The most impressive and important day is when the bufaloes and pigs get sacrificed, being slaughtered and then cut in pieces to be offered to the guests, slaughtering the soul of the deceased to the afterlife (puya). The deceased is then finally buried in caves.
These funeral customs have been practicee over many centuries and are known as the most complex traditions in the world.
The biggest funerals are held in the months of July and August.
These complex rituals are unique to Sulawesy‘s inhabitants. Their faces, their smiles and their hospitality definitely captures the attention of visitors.Untitled 25Untitled 24Untitled 19Untitled 23Untitled 17-RecuperatoUntitled 18Untitled 16Untitled 14Untitled 12Untitled 10Untitled 5Untitled 6Untitled 8Untitled 11Untitled 1Untitled 2Untitled 3Untitled 4



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