The Buskers Festival


30 August 2011. Ferrara, Italy, my hometown. After a year travelling around the Asian sub-continent I spent the last month of my trip in Europe visiting family and friends. It was a nice welcome back.


Ferrara is a lovely little town in the heart of the “Pianura Padana”and surrounded by foggy plants. It is jewel of the Renaissance period, a quiet small city still unspotted by many tourists.


Every year, during the last 2 weeks of August the council organizes the Buskers festival where street artists, coming from all over the world, are invited to perform a diverse range of music and dance throughout the city centre and thousand and thousand of spectator, coming from different part of Italy, are attending the shows.


I thought to be so fortunate to be there for that this period of the year. I cannot remember when was the last time a saw this of show in my town, maybe 10 years ago?  Yes it was nice, I enjoyed it so much, so my son Luca…: maybe because we are gypsy ourselves and we loved to be with them, sitting on the floor around the Estensi Castle all night long.


IMG_9005 IMG_9462 IMG_9516 IMG_9525 IMG_9547 IMG_9560 IMG_9564 IMG_9582 IMG_9587 IMG_9590 IMG_9638 IMG_9662 IMG_9681 IMG_9698 IMG_9704 IMG_9718 IMG_9723 IMG_9750 IMG_9765 IMG_9800 IMG_9809 IMG_9813 IMG_9828 IMG_9837 IMG_9845 IMG_9859 IMG_9868 IMG_9878 IMG_9908 IMG_9910 IMG_9915 IMG_9920 IMG_9927 IMG_9935 IMG_9939


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